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Letters: Frustrated by lack of gasoline

People line up with gas containers, some not

People line up with gas containers, some not approved, to gas up at a Volearo gas station in Mastic. (Nov. 6, 2012) Credit: John Roca

So Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo blames the long gas lines on people hoarding and topping off their tanks ["Sandy: The gas flow," News, Nov. 7].

What we have is a catastrophic failure of big government and the Federal Emergency Management Agency for not getting power to the stations that are dark, and gas to the stations that have power.

Last night on a five-mile stretch along Veterans Highway, I passed at least six stations with empty tanks. Simple supply and demand are dictating the long lines.

FEMA could have supplied generators to the gas stations without power, and the National Guard could be deployed to direct tanker trucks to empty stations.

Timothy Consiglio, Hauppauge

I am amazed at the response of our governor and other politicians to the mess created by superstorm Sandy ["Here we go . . . again," News, Nov. 7]. I'm not just referring to the physical mess and damage, but the blame game and complete lack of leadership and foresight.

As governor, did Andrew M. Cuomo think to have the fuel depots, pipelines, distribution centers and gas stations supplied with sufficient backup power to keep the fuel flowing? We should require gas stations to have backup generators. Why did we have to wait days for the Environmental Protection Agency to drop the ethanol requirement?

Cuomo is even putting the blame for the gas shortage on the backs of consumers, saying we are creating the lines by panicking and topping off our tanks. The gas shortage and the long power outages are direct results of his lack of preparedness, foresight and leadership.

Mark R. Calaci, East Setauket


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