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Letters: Gang gun sales, background checks

Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said the

Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said the "Rollin' 60's" gang moved into Nassau about 2001, as federal law enforcement resources turned away from domestic street gangs and toward the international fight against terrorism. (Nov. 16, 2012) Credit: Howard Schnapp

"Gang takedown" [News, April 19] advised that Nassau County law enforcement officers arrested 14 gang members, some of whom were charged with taking part in illegal gun sales.

How were they able to perform this amazing feat? President Barack Obama would have us think that without the recently defeated gun-control bill, we have no way to control who can buy guns. Apparently we already have sufficient laws to go after the illegal sale of guns.

If the law had passed, I would guess that none of the 14 gang members would have considered conducting background checks anyway. Those who obey laws would still obey them, and those who break laws would continue to sell guns illegally. The only ones who would be inconvenienced by the expanded background checks would be law-abiding citizens.

Dolly Kalhorn, North Babylon