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Letters: Grappling with deadly Ebola

A medical worker wears a protective suit inside

A medical worker wears a protective suit inside an isolation room equipped to handle people inflected with the Ebola virus at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York on Oct. 8, 2014. Credit: EPA / Justin Lane

The United States should not allow into the country anyone who has been to Liberia ["Ebola strikes second nurse," News, Oct. 16], with the exception of medical people.

Others who are stupid enough to go anywhere near a place stricken by Ebola should have to stay there, or be isolated somewhere else.

I don't believe doctors here are telling the truth when they say they can keep it under control. Look at what happened in Dallas.

Lea Christensen, Sag Harbor

How did Ebola arrive on U.S. soil? Via an airplane passenger who began his journey in Liberia. We must close our borders to this deadly virus now! This is no time to consider any individual needs or wants. The spread of this deadly virus must be stopped.

Our borders should be closed to any person traveling from these hot spots.

Karen Starr Venturini, New Hyde Park

I'm saddened by the destruction that the Ebola virus has exacted on our planet and all the people who inhabit it. If you come into contact with bodily fluids of an infected person, you too could contract the disease. To comfort a stricken loved one is to put yourself at risk.

As a result, many countries have talked about closing their borders, and worldwide fear has taken over.

However, during this dark hour, there truly are angels in our midst. Health care professionals have decided to place themselves in harm's way to help complete strangers.

The selflessness, compassion and courage these people demonstrate should be celebrated.

Tad Scharfenberg, Holbrook

Whether we believe that the Ebola virus can be contained within a hospital, many hospitals are located in residential areas. Why not use a facility that is isolated and has been equipped to handle quarantine issues: Plum Island?

Peter Bonna, Holbrook