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Letters: Gun control and terrorism are connected

The NYPD said guns and bulletproof vests were

The NYPD said guns and bulletproof vests were found at the Queens home of Elvin Payamps, who was arrested on weapon charges after a witness reported hearing him make threats against police. Credit: NYPD

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, there are politicians actually against preventing people on the federal no-fly list from legally purchasing a firearm [“Zeldin gun bill at odd with King’s,” News, Dec. 12].

This is not gun control, it’s common sense.

Anthony Bordano, Glendale


The only way to pass gun control is not prayer, not appealing to politicians, not writing letters, not going on TV to make the case [“Seeking look at terror lists,” News, Dec. 14].

None of this matters more than voting out elected officials who support the National Rifle Association.

Do what the incredible former Rep. Carolyn McCarthy did when her husband and son were shot: She ran for office and won against Rep. Daniel Frisa, who opposed some federal firearms restrictions.

Stew Frimer, Forest Hills


We must pass sane, sensible gun regulation now.

The founding fathers — and mothers — are turning over in their graves, grieving and frustrated. The Constitution refers to a “well-regulated militia” — not assault weapons in the hands of any person with an inclination to handle one.

People don’t get to drive cars without learning how to drive, obtaining a driver’s license and purchasing insurance. How are guns are any different?

RuthClaire Weintraub, Huntington Station