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Letters: Gun control in NY onerous, unfair

A gun show.

A gun show. Photo Credit: News12

In reference to the letter “Call to arms irresponsible” [Dec. 14], the writer is a retired police officer, and so none of the laws he cited apply to him.

It’s easy for him to support the gun control laws of New York because retired officers receive special treatment with regard to firearm ownership and unrestricted concealed carry. They say the reason is fear of reprisal from past arrests, but in actuality, the risk of being accosted by a past perpetrator using deadly force is statistically low.

The New York State gun control laws are overly burdensome and unfair, and the disparity created by the legislated special privilege for retired police continues to be one of the greatest sore points for the rest of us.

Vincent Cristiano


Editor’s note: The writer is a member of the National Rifle Association.


There’s a lot of talk about gun control, but the conversation is constantly going in the wrong direction. There should be background checks for every sale and new guns should be registered and re-registered when resold. I limit my views on registration to new guns, because there are so many guns out there now it would be impossible to register them all. I’m also pretty open about people owning whatever guns they want.

I’m sorry to say that I believe all the gun control in the world isn‘t going to stop a serious terrorist or mass murderer. My desire for gun registration is to make guns harder to get and a little more expensive for the average criminal. I think that is a realistic goal.

Most people who own guns aren’t really worried about the government declaring martial law and putting everyone in camps. They have guns for hunting and because they are fun. Those are the same reasons I ride motorcycles.

Micky Curry, Massapequa Park