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Letters: Gun control won't work

Larry Verdi, 60, of Sleepy Hollow owns 18

Larry Verdi, 60, of Sleepy Hollow owns 18 guns and got his first gun permit in 1973. Says Verdi, "A lot of people are misinformed. You go through a year process here before you can get a permit. In other places, all you need is a driver's license." He is pictured holding a 45 STI pistol at the Coyne Park Range in Yonkers. (Oct. 26, 2012) Credit: Elizabeth Daza

So Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has rammed this anti-gun legislation down our throats, with no say from the people ["NY first to pass stricter gun law," News, Jan. 16].

Where is the rational discourse? The legislation is going to do nothing to stop violence, and it will create a hole in the state economy. Seven-round magazines do not even exist. It is as though this legislation was crafted by people with no working knowledge of firearms.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and take the time necessary to make intelligent decisions to stop these massacres. We have a problem, but it is a national problem, not a New York problem.

Jason Koehler, Bellport

The sad fact is that any new laws will only restrict the law-abiding. A criminal, by definition, does not obey the law. Call me a cynic, but somehow I don't believe that the next madman who wants to kill a bunch of innocents is going to stop and make sure he only has seven rounds in the magazine, or that the gun is registered.

When you consider that most gun crimes committed in New York are with illegal weapons, and mostly handguns, then this boils down to nothing more than Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo using the Newtown, Conn., horror to further his own political aspirations.

Cuomo said no one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. I know the Second Amendment, and it does not contain the word "hunting" at all. It was written so that the populace would never have to suffer a tyrannical government, foreign or domestic. I also never thought that as a law-abiding citizen willing to stand up for his constitutional rights, I would be labeled an "extremist."

Christopher Povey, Bohemia

I am a retired New York City police officer who spent most of my life on Long Island. In Newsday, all we read about is gun control. It would be nice to get all assault rifles and rapid fire handguns off the street. That unfortunately is a small part of the problem.

Ask any cop, and he or she will tell you that in just about every case involving a weapon, the person arrested should have been locked up for a previous crime. Stop-and-frisk is a great tool for getting guns off the street. Unfortunately, many judges and politicians think more of the perpetrators' rights than the victims'.

Jeremy T. McCue, City Island


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