After the tragic events of Newtown, every law-abiding gun owner or would-be gun owner knew the politicians would take the opportunity to railroad through more gun-control legislation ["Demand for guns surges," News, Feb. 24].

As a result, there was a run on guns, ammunition and just about anything gun-related. So, in the haste to pass legislation to get guns off the street, the politicians have caused the exact opposite to occur.

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Other states, including Connecticut, are taking the time to study the best way to try to prevent future violence. The most recent passing of the gun law is New York politics at its worst.

Kevin McGrath, Northport

What is wrong with people? There's a call for stricter gun control to keep guns off the street, and what do people do? Go out and buy more.

My father was a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and he would be the first to ask, who in this world would hunt with what amounts to a machine gun? He also kept his guns and ammunition locked in separate parts of the house.

Richard E. Kurdt, East Islip