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LETTERS: Health care reform at Christmastime

Health care reform

at Christmastime

This health care bill is a Christmas gift that will keep on giving the people's hard-earned treasure to the insurers, who are providing very minimal health care at 40-percent profit. We won't quibble about overhead, because most of the insurers' employees are poorly paid.

Janet Poretsky


Only when we can say, "All Americans have coverage," will we have real health care reform. If we say, "More Americans have access to health care," or even "most Americans," we fall short of distinguishing need from want, and right from wrong. We say that we are a nation rooted in Judeo-Christian principles, but the words "no public option" would make the prophets weep.

Hal Low

NorthportEditor's note: The writer is associate pastor at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Northport.