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LETTERS: Health care, school rules

Younger than you

Next June, I become a nonagenenarian (90) who is very fortunate to have good genes. For certain, I am healthier than most seniors 30 years younger. I only take one prescription drug, have never spent a night in a hospital, still walk and play 18 holes of golf three times a week, and shoot my age or better. All of my life I was insured but did not see a doctor until I was over 60.

In essence, I really was subsidizing many others with my insurance dollars. If this phony, radical and more costly health care plan gets passed, and if I should ever get really sick, and a bureaucrat, instead of a doctor, makes a predetermined disposition only because of my age, I believe I have the right to become sort of disturbed. No, I would even consider taking more drastic measures. Bureaucrats, please take note!

John Herman

North BabylonPeppermint rulesAfter reading Ellis Henican's views ["We've about had our fill of 2009," News, Dec. 27], I can truly say this reader has had her fill of you.

I am especially appalled at your position on the peppermint oil "incident," because it puts the health and safety of our children at risk.

As a parent, I would never want my child to accept any unknown substance from anyone - especially a classmate at school. There is an air of trust between classmates. How long before they start exchanging peppermint oil for drugs?

In most school districts, the code of conduct is outlined at the beginning of each school year. There is no mystery about it. Districts encourage reinforcement by parents.

The correct position of the child's mother would have been to explain to her daughter that, although their family partakes in homeopathic remedies, it is not OK to take the substance to school.

At 10 years old, how can this girl's classmates discern what is safe and what is dangerous? What about allergic reactions?

For the safety of other students, if her parents cannot adhere to the Commack School District's rules, perhaps they should seek an alternate means of education.

I applaud Superintendent James Feltman for doing what is right for the students of his district and not appeasing a family who simply cannot follow the rules.

Susan Sineo