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LETTERS: Health care, Suffolk police raises and more


It's not welfare, it's common sense


I read a recent letter "Obama plan creates giant welfare system," Letters, March 5] with amazement. Does the writer suggest we should not have a mandate that all drivers carry insurance? What about young drivers and accident-prone drivers? They are in an assigned risk program and yes, the insurance companies have to cover them.

It appears the writer has IGM syndrome (I got mine) and says too bad to the millions of Americans who cannot get health insurance or lost their insurance because they were laid off.

But let's look at the cost factors involved: Where do you think uninsured people go for medical care? Right, the emergency room - and who is now paying for that? The letter writer and all of the other taxpayers. Why not do the right thing and cover the uninsured, and stop the discrimination against less healthy people. Include them in the pool of new clients the insurance companies must cover, along with the new, healthier clients they will now have. It will even out in the long run.

That's not welfare, that's common sense!

Lee Lombardi




It's health care, not hamburgers


A recent letter writer "Obama plan creates giant welfare system," Letters, March 5] compares mandating health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions to "mandating that McDonald's offer free meals to the homeless." Why must our ability to get health care be determined by how much profit it can generate for an insurance company? Is health care really like hamburgers?

Have we completely abandoned the American values of pulling together to accomplish something greater? Of pitching in to help a neighbor when illness strikes? Of having at the core of our health care system the morals of a society that values life and is willing to use its resources, limited as they are, in a way that more closely reflects these ideals?

Anthony P. Sarola




Suffolk police raises


Nothing against police getting a raise , but doesn't anyone see the problem here? How are the taxpayers expected to afford these salaries and benefits?

The thing that the arbitraitors (misspelling intentional) seem to overlook is that they cannot perform this magic trick for the nonpublic workers who must pay for their generosity.

Richard Sweet



Your headline suggesting Suffolk officers hit the lottery with a new contract "Suffolk cops win raise," March 13"] is an unwarranted swipe at every Suffolk County police officer who risks his or her life every day by merely going to work.

They earn every cent they get; they "win" nothing but my respect.

Joseph McAdams



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