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LETTERS: Hempstead schools, teacher layoffs and more


Don't separate the learning disabled


According to Hempstead school Superintendent Patricia Watkins , an alternative school is planned for "students with behavioral problems and learning disabilities . . . who will not be or cannot be in the high school setting."

Am I missing something? I am a learning disabilities teacher and as long as I've been teaching (and it's been a long time), I've never met a student with a learning disability who couldn't be in an elementary or high school setting. Why isn't this the case at Hempstead High School?

Beth Rose Feuerstein

Long Beach



Lottery should help avoid teacher layoffs


It is an absolute outrage that because of the lack of state aid the Lindenhurst school district must lay off teachers . The lottery system was supposed to fund education; where is that money going? It's high time that this state owns up to its responsibilities and stops hurting the already overtaxed homeowners and their children here on Long Island.

Stephen Vella




Historic treasures deserve to be saved


How sad for America that a great program to preserve America's heritage may be axed .

Who dismisses our country's heritage? Who claims that there is no place for funding to preserve America's past? No money to continue the support of historic sites that tell the stories of heroism, spy rings, historic taverns, Gilded Age mansions - no place in the budget for "American pride"?

Carole C. Lucca




Dense development not right for Suffolk


In response to your editorial , this proposal includes densely packed, multistory apartments that are not in keeping with the character of Huntington. The additional thousand cars from this project will create a traffic nightmare.

A large number of the residents of the proposed project, like everyone else on Long Island, will probably use their cars to get to work and shopping. This increased traffic will clog the two main roads into Huntington. These roads are already crowded, and it may well become a more attractive option to shop and dine in areas that are easier to get to.

Densely packed housing and the traffic that it brings are exactly what we do not need in Huntington. It is this overcrowding that forced my parents to move from Queens into Nassau County and me from Nassau County into Suffolk.

We should not attempt to turn Suffolk County into Queens.

Robert James

Huntington Station


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