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Letters: His mother’s first offense was illegal immigration

An agent of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement

An agent of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The writer of “How cash bail can ruin immigrants’ lives” [Opinion, Jan. 1] tells a story that places blame for his mother’s plight everywhere but where it belongs. Actions have consequences.

His mother was here illegally. He does not deny this. Rather it is worn as a badge of honor. Everything and everybody else is at fault. She was driving without a license. New York issues licenses to those who are legal residents and pass tests. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

The judge followed the law in requiring a cash bond after the writer’s mother was arrested. That bond ensures that the defendant have skin in the game. Using a credit card would make the issuing company responsible for his mom’s appearance. Clearly untenable.

Roy Sperrazza,Northport

Immigrants are not barred from obtaining driver’s licenses in New York; immigrants here illegally are! That is a distinction some Democrats and media refuse to acknowledge.

America is a nation of laws, yet we seem to have become a nation where only Americans are expected to follow the laws.

Anthony Johnson Sr.,Brentwood

When you do not possess a driver’s license, you cannot secure vehicle insurance. So tell me, how will it affect the law-abiding citizens if an unlicensed, uninsured driver kills or maims someone in an accident? Sorry, but my concern is for the people who play by the rules. Walk, take a bus, taxi or Uber, or relocate within your travel zone.

Oh, here’s an idea. Come here legally and go through the processes to be part of this great nation.

John Tarantino,Bayville

I cannot believe the chutzpah of op-ed writer Angel Reyes. He blames society for his mother’s arrest on a charge of not having a driver’s license, and for her deportation to Peru. She was here illegally. He’s lucky he and his brother weren’t deported, too. Of course, they could have gone with their mom to Peru voluntarily, keeping the family together. And for good measure, he threw in the really tired statement about how the state continues to criminalize black and brown communities, etc. Don’t break the law, then!

Joe Cesare,Copiague