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LETTERS: Hofstra football and Yaphank development

That land is our land

We're writing to ask that the Suffolk County Legislature vote against declaring the area under consideration for Legacy Village "surplus land." It's not surplus land, it's our town. The county planning department itself asserts that there are "no specific or definitive plans" for developing the property.

What does that mean for Yaphank? Will the accessory apartments turn out to be three-family town houses? Will the 100 children turn out to be 1,000 new students added to Longwood School District? Will it all be an industrial park? Or the site of a new town dump?

Members of the legislature need to know what they're voting on. Don't destroy our community.

June Doyle and Dorothy Dixon

YaphankHofstra football

From 2005 to 2009, I was a part of the nationally ranked Hofstra University Dance Team. It was one of the best experiences of my life dancing for the Hofstra Pride, supporting the athletic programs and being a part of the Hofstra community.

It is hard to believe that there will no longer be a football team at Hofstra, as well as no more Homecoming game for all alumni to attend.

With that said, bad situations can usually be turned into good. Hofstra can build up its other athletic programs like lacrosse, wrestling, softball and dance.

My true hope though, as an alumna, is that Hofstra finds another way to bring us all back together, the old and the new, at an event that screams Hofstra pride.

Leigh Ann Stern

West Milford, NJ

How the university made its decision to drop football and the reasons given should be subject to further review.

Almost none of the respected members of the Hofstra football community were consulted about this decision.

There was no attempt to raise funds to help save the football program. Hofstra does not need to compete on the national stage; it can have a sustainable program with its traditional local rivalries.

Have other programs at Hofstra undergone the same scrutiny and review as football? Have those programs been terminated without being given the opportunity to explore other options? David A. Scro


This action is like a wrecking ball, bringing down a football program, athletic field house, football stadium and the hopes and dreams of countless student athletes.

To think that there will be no football played on the field at James Shuart Stadium adjacent to Joseph Margiotta Hall is akin to a moral and legal breach of contract, a show of bad faith in the extreme.

For all the scholar athletes and coaches who gave their blood, sweat, heart and soul to this school, the university perpetrated a lie and displayed a dishonorable pattern of conduct, another breach of contract. They should be ashamed of their actions. This is not the example an honorable institution sets for its students to follow.

Richard T. Bennett Jr.