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Letters: Hopes for Trump, future elections

A Donald Trump supporter waits for the Republican

A Donald Trump supporter waits for the Republican presidential candidate to speak at a primary night rally Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Manchester, N.H. Credit: AP / David Goldman

I hope Donald Trump proves me wrong [“Trump wins,” News, Nov. 9]. I hope he proves to me that his election will not cause a rift in this country, and that his egotistic, racist and misogynistic attitudes will not bring about unrest both in this country and across the world. I hope the world will not look down on us. America has been great all along.

I hope he proves that his business-centric attitude will not leave the working class behind or this country in financial ruin. I will be losing my job shortly because my company is sending business to the Philippines and India, and shutting down offices to open up new ones in the South to pay new employees lesser wages. I hope his promise to bring back jobs wasn’t just a soundbite to get elected.

I hope Trump will not take away the right for me or my daughter to control what happens to our bodies with the people he tries to seat on the Supreme Court.

Prove me wrong, please.

Laura Smith, Centereach


Regardless of how one voted, this election demonstrates that reforms are needed and may have wide public support.

The presidential election process should be dramatically shortened, with primaries commencing in June and concluding by August.

We need to rethink early voting. Voting is a communal activity that should be done somewhat contemporaneously. Whatever period is deemed appropriate should be uniform nationally.

There must be mechanisms to ensure the accuracy of the votes cast and enhanced safeguards to prevent voter fraud.

Last, there should be constitutional amendments to permit the direct election of the U.S. attorney general for a single term not to coincide with the presidential election year, as well as forfeiture of any federal office when the holder invokes the Fifth Amendment.

Robert A. Lifson, Huntington


Now, will all the celebrities who said they would leave the United States if Donald Trump won please do so? I don’t know why they think their endorsements would persuade anyone with a brain to vote for their candidate.

Nov. 8 was the day America woke up.

Wayne Mortak, West Babylon


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