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Good Afternoon

LETTERS: Huntington districts, state finances and more


in Huntington

There appears to be a group of people in Huntington who are lobbying, by mail and signs, to stop the dividing of the town into councilmanic districts, an idea whose time has come in terms of direct, accountable representation ["Districting effort heats up," News, Dec. 9]. They are clearly unaware of, or deliberately ignoring, the old bureaucratic axiom that "when everybody is responsible for everything, nobody is accountable for anything." If the town board messes up, there is no accountability or political liability. We need both. People just voted off one of the most responsive board members that we had. The citizens of Huntington should support the referendum and vote yes.

Howard Mandell

East NorthportCut the pensions,

not education

Has anyone asked Gov. David Paterson or our state legislators why they aren't cutting payments to the $120 billion pension fund instead of cutting school aid? This fund is for the outlandish pensions paid to civil service workers. Companies all over the state are cutting retiree benefits - except for the many that have no benefits at all. Why isn't New York State cutting these benefits?

Rob Leonardo

HolbrookThis war is destroying our youth

I'm appalled by President Barack Obama's decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan. Violence breeds violence. Throwing money at corruption further corrupts. And sending our nation's youth into that maw of violence, terrorism, tribalism and corruption is unspeakable.

We are sending our country's healthy youth into a region racked by war and corruption for generations and they are returning, if they're lucky enough to be alive, maimed for life either emotionally, mentally or physically. We are losing our greatest treasure. There is no way to recapture a lost generation. Can al-Qaida possibly do more to destroy our nation and our treasure than we are doing ourselves?

Laura Catapano

MorichesFund health care

with space money

Regarding "Who'd pay for more Medicare?" [News, Dec. 13]: How can we pay for all of health care reform? How about shutting down this elephant industry called the space program, which has cost the American taxpayers trillions? It has given us moon rocks and now two Mars probes seeking water. The Mars program has cost more than $4 billion to date. Enough. Let's provide health care for the unfortunate and cease with this debacle.

Allan Mallett

East Northport