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LETTERS: Immigrants, police shooting and more

Warehouses could

shelter immigrants

So let me get this straight - authorities will give convicted sex offenders $90 a day to find shelter in motels where they will probably be unsupervised ["New sex-offender plan opposed," News, Jan. 14], yet immigrants who are trying to find work are rousted out of the woods in Huntington with nowhere to go. Why can't the industrial buildings that were originally going to be converted for these sex offenders house immigrants instead?

Kevin H. Fox

JerichoVictim should have complied with officer

A letter writer suggested that the fact that a cop shot an "innocent" man should have been front-page news ["Police shooting was underplayed," Letters, Jan. 14]. We see problems during police actions because people don't know how to behave. When an officer tells you to do something, you must drop the attitude and comply. If this does not happen there is a good possibility of a problem, since we live in a world where a life-threatening situation can evolve in seconds.

This officer spoke in both English and Spanish and the victim did not comply. The nature of the job is that the officer is often dealing with attitudinal, arrogant people, and it's a tribute to his training and dedication that this situation doesn't occur more often.

Frank Grunseich

Deer ParkJudge off base

in FDNY hiring case

I find it disgraceful that U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis finds the FDNY is biased in the hiring of minorities ["Judge: FDNY hiring biased," News, Jan. 14]. If someone has the yearning to be on such a prestigious job, they take the test. I am a former FDNY member and worked with men and women who wanted to be on the job - some black, some white, some Asian.

The point is they all worked to get there. I took the entrance exam three times and finally made it. If I never got on the job, too bad for me. Life isn't fair. Bottom line: If you want to be a firefighter, take the test, pass it and wait like everyone else.

James Giovanniello

PlainviewBays need action,

not more research

Forty years of research and now another tax-funded research program is asked for ["Help for Suffolk bays?," News, Jan. 12]. Research has not corrected the problem. Action will correct the bays problem. Open a new inlet at the Point Lookout lighthouse and open two more inlets where Tobay and Gilgo inlets used to be.

The bay is starved for the right nourishment to produce shellfish that are filter feeders that clean the bay. Purifying storm runoff will not alter the fact that fresh water itself is a pollutant, devoid of the right nutrients.

Henry Dam

Cold Spring Harbor