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Letters in support of President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump speaks to Democratic and Republican

President Donald Trump speaks to Democratic and Republican Senators about his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Feb. 9, 2017 in Washington. Credit: Getty Images / Pool

Readers’ letters that ran Monday under the headline “Unhappy with the 45th president” drew a strong response. Here’s a sample of the letters Newsday received in support of President Donald Trump. Newsday seeks to present varied views.

After reading the Feb. 13 letters section, I looked for a section called “Happy with the 45th president.” I could not seem to find it.

President Donald Trump is like no other president we have ever seen. I think the problem with the “haters” is that they are used to candidates who promise the world and deliver nothing.

Trump is doing exactly what he promised — in record time, I might add. While I don’t like to see innocent people turned away from our country, it’s Trump’s job to protect Americans first. A 90-day shutdown is a small price to pay for the security of America.

I’m simply amazed that people are not seeing what is happening in European countries or are blindly closing their eyes to the issues with immigration.

Joe Pellicone, Massapequa


Two letter writers who obviously oppose the current administration had interesting comments. “I will not be intimidated by someone who thinks his rights outweigh mine,” one wrote about anyone who might object to his upside-down yard flag. Another criticized Rep. Peter King for his description of protesters, which the letter writer said “perpetuates the use of base, uncivil and inappropriate language.”

Have these people seen the anti-Trump protests, or is this behavior only acceptable when it’s on the side you support?

Kathleen Culkin, Medford


How about all the people who were unhappy with the 44th president? Most felt America was headed in the wrong direction with the previous president, and the voters recognized this. This is why Donald Trump won the election.

Politicians tell people what they want to hear to get elected. They are beholden to special-interest groups, which take priority over the people.

Trump is not politically correct and not beholden to special interests. He campaigned on controlling illegal immigration and making America safe again. How fast people have forgotten the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks and other terrorism.

Trump is a breath of fresh air. OK, so sometimes he comes across uncouth, but it’s his way of making a point. Give the man a chance! I didn’t like President Barack Obama’s policies, but I didn’t riot and disgrace our flag as I see now.

Gary Kordes, Holbrook


Moving the Statue of Liberty, more gun control, politicized judicial decisions and flying our great flag upside down — really? To accomplish what? Everyone, please relax and give President Donald Trump a chance to govern.

The organized, well-funded far left, as well as the liberal media, is fighting Trump on everything he does. This is both paralyzing and polarizing our great country.

The amount of vitriol being displayed is unprecedented. The absolute ignorance and misinformation out there is stunning. For example, supporters of LGBTQ rights held a march on Sunday in Manhattan protesting the president, even though Trump has supported gay rights throughout his campaign and into his presidency. What more do they want him to do?

Let’s all try to have open minds, use some common sense and come together for the greater good.

Leo Farrell, St. James


Hello! President Donald Trump did not elect himself!

The media focus on those who did not vote at all or did not vote for him.

I feared for the future of America and prayed that Trump would win and “Make America Great Again.”

Linda Jacobs, Port Jefferson Station


Donald Trump is our president for the next four years, like it or not. I don’t know what everyone hopes to achieve by marching and complaining, other than dividing the country further and making us look foolish to other nations.

He is not going anywhere unless he commits an impeachable act. We need to gather our inner strength and resolve and give Trump a chance — longer than a month.

Hoping that he fails is like hoping the pilot of your plane crashes to the ground!

Elysa Parker, North Woodmere


We have a newly elected president under the Constitution. We have an education secretary confirmed under the Constitution.

The secretary of education was blocked, briefly, by demonstrators from entering a school building in Washington. She returned later and entered the building.

The secretary should have been escorted by federal marshals back to the school to conduct business. Anyone who attempts to prevent her access should be arrested for obstructing government administration.

Just because the demonstrators’ candidate didn’t get elected doesn’t mean it’s their way or the highway! It’s the American way under the Constitution and the laws of this land.

Thomas E. Bregenzer, Valley Stream