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Letters: In the wake of Trump on the Ocean

With many of its sections missing as a

With many of its sections missing as a result of superstorm Sandy, a now-dilapidated wall surrounds the site of the proposed Trump on the Ocean project at Jones Beach. (Dec. 26, 2012) Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

"Options for Trump site" [News, Dec. 28] sought solutions from various factions to replace the catering hall-restaurant that had been planned at the Jones Beach boardwalk. Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not go with something already proven over the past eight decades to weather countless storms?

Take another look at the East and West bathhouses. The West Bathhouse has fast-food facilities at ground level, with the opportunity for fine dining up a flight of stairs at the long-defunct Marine Dining Room. The East Bathhouse once featured a steak and lobster eatery, the Terrace Restaurant, where the Castles in the Sand museum now exists. Perhaps it is time to reinvent the past.

William Ober, Huntington

Donald Trump's departure is a blessing in disguise. Another tacky, overpriced wedding mill was the last thing Jones Beach needed. As an alternative, why not think downscale?

Back in the late 1970s, when I flipped burgers and swabbed floors at the beach, the restaurant (which was widely, and justly, reviled for its lousy yet overpriced fare) had one bright spot: a small mobile "clam bar" that dispensed fresh local little necks, oysters and tap beer. It was a perfect feature.

Why not use that empty space to capitalize on the current mobile food trend? Provide a well-appointed picnic and parking area for food trucks and trailers, featuring diverse culinary offerings to reflect the more culturally diverse (and the more gastronomically adventurous) patrons who now visit the beach.

Such a space could also feature a more permanent event-catering locale that could be serviced by mobile kitchens, without the need for an overly substantial (and storm-prone) infrastructure.

Michael Campanelli, Greenlawn

Why not turn the former Trump site into a seasonal food truck lot? This would be simple, cheap, flexible and extremely storm-friendly.

Elizabeth A. Letzler, Baldwin

While I am sure there are people disappointed that the Jones Beach restaurant is a no-go, I have a suggestion for Donald Trump. Long Beach needs more than $56 million to rebuild and restore the Long Beach Medical Center ["After Sandy: Critical condition," News, Dec. 26].

What a mitzvah it would be if Trump would donate money for that cause! The area doesn't need another eatery. What we need is a hospital.

Beth Rose Feuerstein, Long Beach