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Letters: Injustice in woman's driving death

One woman died Monday after an accident on

One woman died Monday after an accident on Peninsula Boulevard near West Marshall Street in West Hempstead. (Dec. 19, 2011) Credit: Lou Minutoli

We were outraged to read that Frank Pergola received a sentence of only 3 1/3 to 10 years for the death of Meghan Jestic ["Daughter killed by driver on drugs: Stolen memories," News, Aug. 30].

We have a high regard for Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice for her past work, but in this case, to allow this fellow to plead down to aggravated vehicular homicide has done a disservice to all.

Our hearts go out to the Jestic family for this injustice. This seems to send the message that you can kill someone and get a plea bargain and serve as little as three years in jail.

Mary Ann and John Plump, East Northport

At last, the parent of a person killed by an impaired driver speaks from the heart and speaks the truth. Robert Jestic, the father of 21-year-old Meghan, who died at the hands of a drug-impaired driver, spoke for the loved ones of all such victims: "How could justice ever allow a bum like this to breathe another breath?"

An automobile in the hands of an impaired driver is no less dangerous than a gun in the hands of a deranged person.

Chris Marzuk, Greenlawn