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LETTERS: Kids at JFK, immigrants and more


Pilots at fault, too, for listening to kids


Children directing aircraft at JFK is certainly inexcusable "2 LIers were in charge," News, March 5]. Equally inexcusable is that the pilots involved had no reservation about following their instructions. Why didn't they refuse to follow directions obviously transmitted by unauthorized individuals?

Jeffrey S. Rothburd

Dix Hills



Proposed fine not fair to legal immigrants


Proponents rallying for illegal immigrants to pay a fine and remain in America just don't get it . What about all the immigrants who waited to enter this country legally? We allow more than 1 million legal immigrants in each year. Is it fair to them to simply say, "Sorry you worked so hard; you should have snuck in"?

How big a fine do you impose on the illegal immigrants working off the books for not paying income and social security taxes while receiving free social services? Law breakers shouldn't be rewarded with a get-out-of-jail card and a small fine. Could I get away with not paying taxes for 20 years and then just pay a fine?

Patrick Nicolosi




PSA test helped catch cancer early


I'm appalled that the American Cancer Society is telling people they don't need routine PSA blood tests . Case in point: This year my PSA reached a level where my doctor recommended further evaluation. Yes, the biopsy revealed that I had prostate cancer; more tests showed the cancer was confined to my prostate. Isn't it better to find out early?

Charles B. Monell




Drug dealer law just repeats failed history


Despite Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice's assertion , unless a dealer administers drugs to a person by force, drug users are responsible for their own fatal overdoses. Not every one of a dealer's customers is helplessly addicted, any more than is every person who purchases alcohol - which, incidentally, causes hundreds of fatal overdoses annually without anyone suggesting that a barkeep or liquor store owner face charges of manslaughter.

Criminalization of intoxicants simply heaps more problems onto a problem while doing nothing to address it. In 1973 New York made penalties for selling two ounces of narcotics equivalent to the penalties for second-degree murder. Yet, by the end of the '80s we saw a virulent crack epidemic.

Such laws only compound the number of lives and families ruined by drug abuse with yet more lives and families ruined by the penal system, at enormous expense to taxpayers.

Craig W. Norris



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