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Letters: Killing swans and deer on LI

White-tailed deer intrude on the property of a

White-tailed deer intrude on the property of a home in Southold on Nov. 13, 2013. Credit: Randee Daddona

How disturbing that the Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing to kill or capture all mute swans living on public land or waters ["NY proposes to eradicate fowl it calls invasive," News, Jan. 17].

The DEC claims the swans harm water quality, destroy water plants, displace local birds, put planes at risk and are aggressive toward people while defending their young.

These beautiful creatures were brought to New York many years ago. The spokesman for the Nassau Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was correct when he said we have a responsibility to find a way to manage these animals better.

Watching a swan family swim, feed one another, bathe together and protect one another is breathtaking. Folks should put their phones down, stop texting and look around at the little beauty still left on Long Island, and this includes the DEC.

Kristina Brennan, South Huntington

I am tired of people who feel that animals are more important than people. I've had enough of deer, Canada geese and other animals that make my life and the lives of others intolerable.

I can't take the poop on the play field of my children. Please, do something!

Joe Fasano, Massapequa Park

An article on Jan. 17, "Deer cull is on for next month" [News], describes the plan to kill as many as 3,000 deer on the East End. On the same day was an article detailing state plans to eradicate the mute swan.

The message being sent by our elected and appointed officials is simply, if you have a problem with any species, just kill it.

Why should we be so surprised when someone has a problem with another person, or with people in general, and decides to take the same approach at a school or mall? We have created that kind of world.

Annette Kaminsky, Cold Spring Harbor