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Letters: Land management affects wildlife

White-tailed deer intrude on the property of a

White-tailed deer intrude on the property of a home in Southold on Nov. 13, 2013. Credit: Randee Daddona

Thank you for the insightful column regarding our current mishandling of wildlife issues on Long Island ["We tipped nature out of balance," Opinion, Feb. 10].

Right on! Unfortunately, this scenario is also playing out in other areas of our country. Let's hope that better decisions on land management will provide a better future for all of us who share this world.

Leonard A. Dommin, Glen Head


I am happy to see more people writing to object to the proposed deer culling on the East End ["Deer cull stance inflammatory, wrong," Letters, Feb. 9].

As a longtime Quogue resident, one of my most blissful moments is coming face to face with one of these beautiful creatures. Although brief, the encounter is enough to snap me out of a bad mood, put a smile on my face and remind me that there is reason to breathe in.

We must stop clearing land without realizing the consequences of our actions. We're pushing the deer until they have nowhere else to go. Watching deer graze along Sunrise Highway makes me want to scream.

We must stop building condos, over-55 communities and town houses. I can name several local projects that were abandoned midway due to lack of funds. Golf courses, retail development -- we must decide that we have enough to satisfy our needs.

We are greedy and consuming. Once we get rid of the deer, what about the wild turkeys, Canada geese, wild swans, rabbits and whatever else crosses our paths? Let's not forget why we fell in love with this heaven on Earth in the first place.

Rona Fisher, Quoge