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Letters: Leaders must prepare for disaster

Governor Andrew Cuomo meets with New York's congressional

Governor Andrew Cuomo meets with New York's congressional delegation and county executives to discuss the financial impacts of Hurricane Sandy. (Nov. 26, 2012) Credit: Handout

Our political leaders should have had a disaster recovery plan and a business and residential continuity plan already in place for such disasters ["Sandy hits home again," News, Nov. 28].

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray are responsible for their residents. Our leaders should not have been scurrying about after the disaster.

Most businesses have such plans. Our political leaders can act tough after the disaster, but that only masks their lack of planning and foresight.

Al Zanone, Elmont

The post-mortems reveal that these catastrophes break the capabilities of the complicated patchwork of governments across Long Island. Failures to warn and evacuate -- at the town level? Sewage treatment failures -- at the county level? The Long Island Power Authority's failures -- at the state level? Why so long to implement rationing, when Long Island is so dependent on gasoline and car travel? Without the Federal Emergency Management Agency and outside help, where would we be right now?

There is zero accountability, zero appetite to make tough financial decisions, and zero hope of cross-party cooperation. In addition to providing blankets, generators, and tree removal experts, perhaps some other areas could donate to Nassau some local government officials with leadership credentials, bipartisan pragmatism and a track record of results.

Blake Ratcliff, Wantaugh

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is to be complimented on his aggressiveness toward dismantling dysfunctional LIPA. However, the question that needs to be asked is, where was the good governor after Tropical Storm Irene, when the same dysfunctional LIPA dropped the ball with its flawed communication system and power restoration?

Commendable as his present position is on LIPA, it's like closing the barn door after letting all the horses run off!

Stanley L. Ronell, Port Washington