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Letters: Let Sachem students write Albany

Sachem High School East on Granny Road in

Sachem High School East on Granny Road in Farmingville, N.Y. (Mar. 4, 2013) Credit: James Carbone

What is wrong with students today? They don't like something that happened at school and they feel the need to alert the media ["Sachem leader: Yes, we heard complaints," News, March 7]?

If they had a problem with an assignment, why not follow the proper chain of command and speak to the department chair or principal?

Their action shows disrespect toward the teachers who have taught these kids since kindergarten and toward the people who live in this community and are concerned for the future of our schools.

Sachem promoted a letter-writing campaign to show the governor how the proposed cut in state aid would hurt our district. Thousands of letters were hand-delivered, sending a powerful message that we are united and ready to do what it takes to get our state aid back. I am proud to say that my own children wrote letters.

I truly hope that the actions of a few don't outweigh the actions of thousands.

Karen Bullock, Lake Grove

One might think the Sachem school district had asked its students to waste time and write letters to the tooth fairy rather than to our political leaders in Albany. Whether or not you believe the district needs to make cuts to reduce spending, the district believes it is wrong to have its state aid reduced from the previous year's level, when many other districts on Long Island are receiving the same or more.

When are civics and composing a letter not considered learning?

Bob LaCorte, Rocky Point

Editor's note: The writer is a retired Sachem teacher.