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Letters: LI’s high taxes are just the start of problems

About two dozen people from as far away

About two dozen people from as far away as New Jersey came to Port Washington to take a tour, guided by Craig Morrison, of the Execution Rock Lighthouse on the Long Island Sound on July 16, 2011. Credit: Steve Pfost

The South Carolina writer of “High taxes chased us off Long Island” [Just Sayin’, Sept. 17] was spot-on regarding school taxes. However, he didn’t mention the broken-down infrastructure and roads or the polluted waterways.

My wife and I, too, are going south to great infrastructure, clean roads, clean water and better schools for one-tenth of the taxes we pay on Long Island.

This was once a reasonably taxed, nice suburb. How could this have happened? Simple — exorbitant salaries, pensions and perks, patronage and do-nothing jobs, and corruption by the establishment crew.

Jerry LaForgia, Lynbrook


Raising taxes, as Newsday suggests, wouldn’t solve Nassau County’s revenue problem. It would just kick the can down the road for the next county executive [“How Albany can help Nassau,” Editorial, Sept. 22].

Nassau County is a funny place to live. On one hand, we don’t want tax increases or fees that generate income. On the other hand, we want all the services that cost money. Even when projects are proposed that could generate income — such as a casino or the Lighthouse Project, which could have kept the New York Islanders here — people say no!

So my question is simple: Without provoking NIMBY, can we finally have a grown-up discussion about raising new, different types of revenue, and maybe a discussion on consolidation and elimination of some services? We need a real plan for today and tomorrow that addresses growth and stability — no more short-term ideas.

Patrick Nicolosi, Elmont

Editor’s note: The writer is president of the Elmont East End Civic Association.


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