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Letters: Losing faith in Nassau's finances

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, seen here on

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, seen here on Sept. 15, 2015, in Mineola, said a revamped Nassau Hub "will create jobs and a new economy for Long Island." Credit: Howard Schnapp

Is it possible that the house of cards that Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano has built is about to collapse around him? After six years of the "good old boy"-style of government -- in which family, friends and cronies rub elbows and take care of each other at the cost of the rest of the residents -- it appears that accepting favors such as free meals and vacations is finally catching up with Mangano ["Singh employees say restaurateur provided free meals for Mangano," News, Sept. 13].

In the business world, this behavior would have resulted in termination. The practice of rewarding political favors and donations violates the public trust and is unacceptable.

Nassau County needs to clrebuild from scratch, with officials who work for the people who elected them, rather than taking care of themselves and their political party.

Gary Peckett, Baldwin

Editor's note: The writer is a former employee of Nassau County's Office of Management & Budget.

Way to go, Edward Mangano! How to fix a mismanaged fiscal disaster.

At the top of the list: Raise property taxes ["Plan hikes taxes," News, Sept. 16]. Next, increase filing fees, from mortgage recording fees to traffic ticket administrative charges. Everything always ends up on the backs of the taxpayers.

It's just shameful, and I'm disgusted that the county executive apparently has no problem accepting freebies, from dinners to vacations -- not to mention a six-digit salary for Mangano's wife.

Diana Blasic, Levittown

Raising property taxes and opening a gambling parlor is not how politicians should raise revenue ["A dangerous county budget," Editorial, Sept. 21]. That also goes for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. We need an innovative way to create revenue for Nassau County and the state.

Look at Atlantic City, with its gambling economy crumbling.

With the apparent corruption involving restaurateur Harendra Singh, and the Town of Oyster Bay guaranteeing his loans, it would do my heart good to see Mangano and Town Supervisor John Venditto go off to jail. Then maybe we could get some fresh blood and thoughts in Nassau.

Joe Baumann, North Massapequa