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Letters: Low-tech bridge solution

A tractor trailer stuck under a bridge on

A tractor trailer stuck under a bridge on the Southern State Parkway at Exit 30N in North Massapequa slowed traffic dramatically in the eastbound lanes. ( March 16, 2012) Credit: Paul Mazza

As a retired Nassau County police lieutenant and supervisor who patrolled Long Island for more than 20 years, I have often wondered why trucks still hit the parkway bridges ["Fix truck-overpass woes," Editorial, Sept. 7].

There is a simple and cost-effective solution, the same equipment that works for parking garages and car washes: a swinging bar suspended from an L frame at just the right height to bounce off a truck's trailer. If the truck doesn't fit under it, the device creates enough racket to warn even truck drivers too preoccupied to read the multitude of signs already in place.

Warning bars can be suspended on every entrance and exit ramp. Before authorities spend millions more taxpayer dollars on an expensive solution -- such as lasers and infrared devices -- why not try the simplest first?

Andrew DeSimone, Stony Brook

Why not have a low-bar barrier installed at each entrance to the parkways? The barrier would only allow cars, vans, etc., to pass under and gain entry to the parkway, but a truck would not be able to do so.

Not only would this keep trucks from gaining access, but this would surely cost far less than the millions of dollars spent now on constant road and bridge repairs.

Frank S. Farello, West Babylon