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Good Afternoon

Letters: Lowering standards for office

Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks at a campaign

Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks at a campaign event at Brownsville Baptist Church in Brooklyn. (July 28, 2013) Credit: CS Muncy

The retired teacher from Staten Island said it in a nutshell ["Weiner gets grilled," News, July 27]. She told Anthony Weiner that he doesn't have the moral authority to oversee the city, when his conduct would preclude him from having a teaching job. Unfortunately, the legacy of the Clinton era makes it possible for known philanderers to run and have a chance of being elected. Bill Clinton was given a free pass on his dalliances with many women.

Most of those who call for Wiener's withdrawal from the race would probably vote for Clinton in a heartbeat should he run for mayor. We have defined deviancy down.

Michael Brozinsky, Central Islip

I think that Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were made for each other! The rocks in his head fit the holes in hers.

Karen Lande, West Hempstead