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LETTERS: Mandate debates in all elections, and more

Mandate debates

in all elections

When running for election for any public office, all parties should be required to hold at least two debates .

For example, I know nothing about Carl Paladino and little about Andrew Cuomo. Unless there is a debate, we can only go by what they say in their ads or what either party tells us.

The questions to each candidate should come from their opposing party. This kind of questioning will bring out the best or worst of each candidate, but that is just what we need so we can make a better choice.

If you are going to represent me, I want to know about you and what you stand for.

Edward Tardibuono


A skewed view

from the ivory tower

So economists at the National Bureau of Economic Research - all of whom likely receive regular paychecks - declared that the recession ended more than a year ago . I wonder what their story would be if they were in their hundredth week without jobs, with no more unemployment checks on the horizon.

Ilene Klinghoffer


School bus ripe with potential for bullying

It shouldn't take an act of courage for a child to get on the school bus, nor a parent to feel that he has no other choice but to take matters into his own hands to protect his daughter from bullies "Dad sorry for his school bus tirade," News, Sept. 22].

The school bus is ripe with opportunity for bullying. The driver is preoccupied, the bully has an audience and the victim is captive. There should be a bus code of conduct reviewed with students and posted in the front of the vehicle. Drivers need to be trained to know the process for handling incidents and reporting to school administrators.

Parents can introduce their child to the driver so a connection is established. If they are targeted on the bus, report it to the driver and school. Ask what safeguards are in place and the consequences for bullying. Document all incidents and follow up until the situation is resolved.

Strategize a personal safety plan with your child that may include sitting close to the driver or identifying a friend to ride next to.

Teaching kids how to safely intervene, and encouraging and engaging the positive powers of peer support through ongoing bully prevention education can have a powerful effect toward putting an end to bullying.

Alane Fagin


Editor's note: The writer is executive director of Child Abuse Prevention Services' Bully Prevention Center.


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