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LETTERS: Mangano appointment, Jackson Avenue repairs and more


This second chance was not deserved


After appointing felon Herberth Flores to the post of deputy director of the Office of Minority Affairs, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano said that everyone deserves a second chance . I couldn't agree more. But rewarding a man who preyed on minorities to game the system and secure personal wealth with this particular $90,000-per-year job is incredibly ill advised.

As for second chances, how about all the willing workers who, through no fault of their own, are unemployed? Mangano also said that no one is perfect. So far he is proving this point quite well.

Bruce M. Resch

East Meadow



Political roadblocks shouldn't delay fix


Shame on the Nassau County elected officials responsible for delaying the repairs to Jackson Avenue in Syosset . The money is available and the need is urgent. Stop bickering and finish the job. Safety should be nonpartisan.

Caroline S. DuBois

Oyster Bay



Enough ideology; time for solutions


The new politics seems to be ideology over pragmatism. Solutions from health care to deficit spending and everything in between come second to ideological positions. There was a time when practical considerations to solve American issues permitted political solutions that were worked out with compromise.

Now the solutions to our nation's problems must fit the straitjacket of ideology. It is more important to score points than to find ways to employ people, stop rising health care costs, provide health insurance to all, close huge budget gaps and cut deficits. In the end, it is the people of our America who suffer the failure of our politicians to find solutions. Joseph Marcal




NIMBYs out in force to stop progress


No matter how good a plan might be, the NIMBY forces can always win in the end . Shoreham would have been a fantastic resource. Instead it sits as a memorial to political weakness - more than $5 billion down the drain! Obsolete plants still supply power to Long Island. We still rely on fossil fuels instead of clean nuclear power.

Unfortunately, we see today the same NIMBYs killing the Lighthouse project. When a developer offers to invest tons of money in needed upgrades and enhancements, out come the NIMBYs. Well, Nassau County will suffer the same way Suffolk has. No new infrastructure, new jobs or new tax revenues. Just the same old refrain: Not in my backyard!

Sy Fischthal



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