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LETTERS: Martinez, Tassone, LIRR and more


Don't reward mom who's here illegally


It's not "humanity"; it's "chutzpah" to reward criminal activity . If Marta Perez Martinez was here legally, I would have helped pay for her son's airfare myself. But she is an illegal alien who gets her health care for free (well, it's free to her). Martinez had five years to return to Mexico to reunite with her son, and this includes "over a year" since her cancer diagnosis. Yet she chose to remain here illegally.

Rebecca Goldberg

East Meadow



Charge Tassone for 'three hots and a cot'


Why not charge former Roslyn schools chief Frank Tassone for his accommodations for the past four years as a guest of the state corrections facility "Got to be kidding me," News, Jan. 30]?

It's not enough that the taxpayer foot the bill for his undeserved pension, is it not also the taxpayer who paid for his three hots and a cot? Talk about double dipping!

What makes this even more distasteful is that he collected his $173,495 while he was in jail.

Does crime really pay? Apparently so.

Mark L. Bossey




Many still working took pay cuts to stay


For all of the unemployed residents on Long Island , there are just as many that have been forced to take major cuts in pay and perform double, if not more, the amount of labor.

If you choose to decline the company's offer for the pay decrease and the entry-level position, unemployment benefits are not available to you.

Are there any studies on how many people are still employed but forced to take pay cuts and entry-level jobs when they have spent years working their way up the ladder?

Nancy LiRosi

Kings Park



Spring cleaning in order at LIRR


Why is the Long Island Rail Road so poorly managed? Why is it always in a deficit? Its managers complain constantly about a lack of funds and now they are complaining of losing ridership .

They should cut fares to increase ridership. They should eliminate waste and have layoffs and offer early retirement.

I have been riding the LIRR since 1970, when my monthly ticket was $38, and today it's $274.

What the MTA should start doing is a lot of spring cleaning.

Mark Cassuto

Dix Hills