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LETTERS: Massachusetts, terror trials and more

Mass. voters spoke;

will Washington hear?Why did the Democrats lose Massachusetts ["Defeat a blow for Obama," News, Jan. 20]? Arrogance. It's the same arrogance that we witnessed when the GOP controlled the Congress for the first six years of the Bush administration and gave the wealthy large tax breaks.

It's the same arrogance that we now witness from the Democrats and the Obama administration, giving special deals to the unions and to states like Nebraska and Louisiana that the rest of us weren't offered in a health bill that has been hatched behind closed doors.

Will these politicians ever get it right and do what is right for the country and not their party?

Richard T. DeVito

Long Beach


The voters of Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts didn't send Obama a message. The message was to the Washington, D.C., cesspool. It's not Republican vs. Democrat vs. independent. It's the voters' message to incumbents.

The American public wants health care reform, not laws written by lobbyists. As an example, they want prescription medicine that costs the same here as elsewhere throughout the world.

The American public wants economic reform, not taxpayer bailouts of companies that reward their executives with bonuses after the same executives have driven the company into the ground with flawed decision-making and reckless leadership.

The American public wants private sector jobs, with taxes raised to meet public needs, not taxes that continue to expand government.

November is coming. Congress had better start listening to the American public. They've been voting, but their message is being misunderstood. It's the incumbents, stupid!

Thomas F. Freeman



Wrong, Rep. Peter King, it was not "Kennedy's seat," it is the people's seat ["Bellwether for change, LI pols say," News, Jan. 20].

Wrong, Rick Lazio, it is not "a sign the Republicans are back," it is a sign the public (both parties and independents) has awakened.

And wrong, Sen. Charles Schumer, who said, "The country is speaking . . . " No, it is demanding you drop your liberal agenda and work for the good of this country. It wants the giveaways, pork and self-serving garbage you've been dishing out stopped.

Robert Perlow

Hampton BaysNYC terror trials have

an emotional cost, tooIt's not just about the money ["Security's price tag," Opinion, Jan. 19]. The trials in New York City of the 9/11 murderers will cost more emotionally to the families and people of New York. As a 9/11 mother, my husband and I went to Guantánamo Bay in July to attend some of the hearings. The state-of-the-art courtroom there and other facilities are second to none. These enemy combatants are getting the best defense there is, both civilian and military. Is it such a stretch to demand that they be tried as such, in a military court?

To have the enemy here, so close to the hallowed ground of the World Trade Centers, is disgraceful, and more than just offensive. It brings a visceral reaction from me and my husband. It is as though the enemy were to be brought to my son's grave site. I imagine the same can be said for many 9/11 family members and friends.

Money is not the answer to everything. What about just doing the right thing, the logical thing, the moral thing?

Diane Fairben

Floral ParkTime for change

on school spending

The premise that the governor's proposed cuts to school aid may lead to higher property taxes is yesterday's thinking ["LI districts could be out $172.6M in state aid," News, Jan. 20]. The proposed cuts must be a clarion call to action for school boards across the state to surgically trim the fat out of their bloated budgets.

The days of treating 3 percent to 7 percent school budget increases as "good news" are a thing of the past. The electorate demands spending cuts and accountability. Today is as good a day as any, albeit long overdue, for our school districts to start moving in that direction.

Jeff Toback

OceansideEditor's note: The writer is a former Nassau County legislator.

Respect Robertson's right to his views

Regarding Kathleen Parker's column ["The work of Satan? Oh, please," Opinion, Jan. 17]: Pat Robertson is coming from the vantage point of a leader in Christian faith and it is his right and duty in that role to comment on the news. Secularists and atheists may not like it, because they might have to face the fact that the devil does exist and is very alive and well in the world today.

God gives us a free will and he doesn't force us to believe in him or to do his will. How brazen and self-absorbed are we to think that if we reject him and remove his hand of protection from our lives, there will be no consequences?

I understand from recent reports the people of Haiti are turning back to God, as a result of this devastation. I will continue to pray for all of them.

Robertson's Operation Blessing will be there, along with many Christian agencies, because in spite of the way it is popular to portray Christians, they are the ones who have the compassion to see to the needs of the people, no matter what their beliefs.

Therese Brennan-Henderson

CentereachSchools should offer lessons in gun safety

So another gun was brought to a school ["Loaded gun in classroom," News, Jan. 21]. Let's put the blame where it belongs: the entire education process (parents, schools, life experience, etc.).

How many of our schools are now influenced by the far left who will not even allow safety education about guns? There are many good education programs out there that teach children about guns and what to do when confronted with this type of situation.

For instance, the NRA has the Eddie Eagle program, which is not a gun safety program but a program teaching children to stay away from guns and immediately report any knowledge of guns in an unsafe environment.

Instead of hiding under a rock, let's properly educate our children.

Thomas Caro

LevittownAqua customers can't take another soaking

Did anyone really expect anything different ["Pols: Residents getting soaked by water rates," News, Jan. 20]?

Besides our school and property taxes going up, now our fire district taxes will go up as well. When does it stop? When will Aqua New York be making enough to fill its pockets?

Outside my house there is a water main valve that has been broken for six months. I have called Aqua three times to get it fixed. Maybe my 12 percent rate increase will get that fixed by 2012?

The Public Service Commission doesn't care about the public. I wonder how its members would have voted if they lived in our towns?

Elizabeth Lagudi

North Merrick