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Letters: Media, politicians fueled anti-police sentiment

NYPD Officers Mark Cava and Jason Muller of

NYPD Officers Mark Cava and Jason Muller of the 78th Precinct stand during a moment of silence in honor of the two New York City police officers shot and killed in Brooklyn on Saturday prior to an NBA game at Barclays Center on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014. Credit: Mike Stobe

New Yorkers experienced a tragedy with the murder of the two police officers ["Tracing steps of cop killer," News, Dec. 22].

The past weeks' of escalating organized protests and "die-ins" in the streets of New York and in schools, as well as the rhetoric by politicians and others, caused this tragedy.

People incited and encouraged civil disobedience, taking over the streets and chanting, "What do we want? Dead cops!" They should have been arrested and all of the protests should have been kept organized and peaceful and stopped in a reasonable period by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton.

The killer of the two officers referred to Eric Garner and Michael Brown. All of the protests and this senseless tragedy would have been avoided if Garner and Brown had not resisted arrest and had instead cooperated with the police. They would have had their days in court and be alive.

Bud Barger, Farmingville

Editor's note: The writer is grandfather of an NYPD officer.

The media's overreporting put these so-called "peaceful demonstrations" about the Garner and Brown cases in a positive light. In addition, elected officials took anti-police positions.

These two are responsible for the assassination of the two police officers.

J.P. Brancati, Plainview

It's time for a "million man walk" all around the country in support of the police to show them we appreciate them and the tough assignment they have. We can show we oppose those who break the laws and don't follow instructions and continue to break the law.

We need to educate the public that the police are on our side and are there to protect us from the dirtbags of the world.

When the police issue a command to stop, listen and you won't be harmed. The education process begins at home with parents teaching their children respect, not only for police, but for everyone. The politicians have to take a stand in support of the police rather than a stance to demoralize them.

Wake up before it is too late, America. The radicals have an agenda and we are letting them conquer.

Bernie McGrath, Holbrook