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Letters: Michael Bloomberg, guns and the Constitution

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at a mayoral candidate forum. (Jan. 18, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

Regarding "Bloomberg's loaded for NRA" [Editorial, March 26], Newsday should be careful what it wishes for.

Dismantling the Constitution just might backfire. The Constitution is what put the "great" in this nation.

Newsday attacks the National Rifle Association as if it is made up of people who think only about their self-interests. The NRA consists of Americans, people living right next to you, and many millions who support the preservation of the Constitution and its amendments.

Just remember this after the smoke clears with all these suggested tweaks to the Constitution, when the people start fearing their government's tyranny. When the government fears its people, it's called liberty.

John Malesko, Shirley

Editor's note: The writer is an NRA member.

The problem with Mayor Michael Bloomberg is that he thinks he's David, and he intends to bring down Goliath (the NRA), with his sling filled with solid gold stones.

But unlike David in real life, Bloomberg controls people by using his power, wealth and arrogance to manipulate them to do what he wants them to do -- on gun control, soda control and term limits.

I have seen Wayne LaPierre of the NRA on newscasts and in person, and he speaks in a reserved tone, answers all questions, and is respectful of people, which Bloomberg is not.

Ray Steinberg, East Northport