Mitt Romney cannot make comments about U.S. foreign policy until the media, the administration and some others deem it acceptable to do so ["Romney, Obama clash on U.S. response," News, Sept. 13]. That seems to be the current position in the press.

The man is running for president, and Americans should be aware of his thoughts on important matters such as the attacks in Egypt and Libya. He assessed the situation and spoke out quickly -- as a good leader should.

He was reacting to the Cairo embassy's condemnation of hurting the "religious feelings of Muslims." Romney's common sense and strong feelings for American interests abroad were important to hear.

We need someone who is more concerned with the rights of Americans than the sensibilities of our enemies.

Terence Kane, Long Beach

Utilizing the tragic events in Libya, Mitt Romney made a highly political statement. Romney apparently overlooks the check on freedom of speech, which prohibits crying "fire" in a crowded theater.

Those responsible for that inflammatory film should be held accountable for it. And Romney should be more careful about seeming to condone it.

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Clare Worthing, Wantagh