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Letters: Mixed reaction to the Trump election

President-elect Donald Trump takes a question from a

President-elect Donald Trump takes a question from a member of the media at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016. Credit: AP

Donald Trump won the popular vote in Suffolk County with 52 percent. Yet, I believe Newsday is trying to delegitimize his election by running letters reflecting negative comments about the president-elect [“Trump, Putin and election 2016,” Letters, Dec. 21].

By printing such letters, Newsday seems to support the losers’ lies that Trump supporters are deplorable racists and xenophobes [“U.S. should fund hate-crime policing,” Letters, Dec. 13]. This makes it seem like Suffolk is overrun with hate-crime perpetrators.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign divided Americans and suggested her opponent was a racist. I was motivated to vote against her primarily because of her accusations.

Lawrence Donohue, West Islip


I have been a Republican for more than 50 years, but now I’m ashamed to call myself that [“Electors pick Trump,” News, Dec. 20].

On the day Donald Trump is sworn in, the American flag on the pole outside my home will be turned upside down and remain that way for the next four years — or until Trump is impeached.

This great country of ours deserves better than him!

James F. Klein, North Patchogue


I was shocked when Donald Trump won the election, despite his stereotyping of diverse people, making fun of those with disabilities, disparaging prisoners of war and a Gold Star family, and objectifying women.

Then I recognized all the hurting Americans struggling financially who believed and trusted Trump when he said he would fix things [“Trump on the spot for economy, jobs,” Letters, Dec. 11]. I didn’t see any concrete plan from him as to how he would do so.

Many of his Cabinet choices oppose the functions of the agencies they will lead. Trump has thumbed his nose at executive protocol by declaring no need for daily briefings, respect for the CIA, release of his tax returns or divestiture of his businesses. He dismisses anyone who disagrees with him.

I will not watch the inauguration, but instead will be in peaceful, prayerful protest of a Wizard of Oz presidency: all talk with nothing substantive to back it up. We deserve better than this.

Susan Scalone, Shoreham