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LETTERS: Mosque at Ground Zero, fishing and family time, and Slater

Not at Ground Zero

Regarding "Let's stick with our tenets of freedom" [Opinion, Aug. 8]: America does not need to grit its teeth and let a mosque and Islamic cultural center be built near Ground Zero. We do not need to prove what we are about to anyone. The courage and heroism by so many first responders and civilians on 9/11 is testament to what we are about.

Ground Zero and the surrounding area is hallowed ground, consecrated by the blood and life essence of the nearly 3,000 people killed there - my son, Lt. David Halderman, FDNY, among them. This is not a place for politics, or to test separation of church and state or for dialogue between Muslims and the Western world.

An Islamic cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero is more than a slap. It desecrates the area and dishonors the memory of those courageous heroes and victims of 9/11. To the Muslim community, it is a symbol of conquest and victory - as was the mosque built in Cordoba, Spain, on the site of a large Christian cathedral.

The Muslim community should grit its teeth and build its center elsewhere.

Geraldine Halderman



While I agree that the Ground Zero location is too provocative, following American ideals, a recognized religious group can build wherever they want [" Jewish leaders rally for mosque," News, Aug. 6]. However, using another site adjacent to Ground Zero, another organization could be created to build an American cultural center.

I'm sure that an organization could raise several hundred million dollars for such an effort. It would offer a place of solace for families of the victims of 9/11, and would showcase the true American Judeo-Christian ideals that have brought safe haven to immigrants since the birth of our country.

Who is better to showcase presentations on tolerance and understanding, than the only country in the world where these words mean something.

Roy Steiner


Don't hook 'em

Regarding "Get 'em hooked" [Explore LI, Aug. 8]: I find it nothing short of offensive that a parent would opt to promote murder of marine wildlife in order to have "family time." As a single mom of two young boys, the last thing I would be doing with my children is taking the lives of defenseless beings simply to have "together time" with them. What message is a parent giving to their child(ren) by taking them fishing? Could it be that those beings that cannot communicate as we humans do simply don't mean anything in the big scheme of things? There is simply no joy in taking the life of any being for "sport."

Eileen Scanlon Christofi


Quick exit

How refreshing to read about someone who left his job with a sense of humor, leaving everyone else intact ["Rough landing," News, Aug. 10]!

Catherine Kropf Harris