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Letters: Mourning boy hit on way to school

Zachary Ranftle, 12, in an undated photo provided

Zachary Ranftle, 12, in an undated photo provided by his family. Credit: Ranftle family

The tragic passing of Zachary Ranftle, who was hit by a car in Valley Stream, strikes me particularly close to home ["A boy's last mile," News, Dec. 13]. Nearly 40 years ago, I was almost killed only about a mile from that location, on my way back from Memorial Junior High School. I was hit near the corner of Fletcher and Hendrickson avenues. For two days, moms filled the street in protest, demanding a traffic signal, which they got.

Lost in the reportage of this newest traffic tragedy, and barely commented on otherwise, is the increase in traffic on our local streets. Houses that normally held one family are now occupied by two, three or even more families. Often, this overcrowding violates local zoning and other rules.

The increase in population has led to the use of many more cars. Long Island streets that once were easily passable are now often congested with rows of cars parked, jampacked, on both sides. Surely there must be a way to fund more crossing guards at busy intersections to prevent future catastrophes.

James H. Burns, Franklin Square

I'm a parent of a child at Memorial Junior High School. Students held a candlelight vigil for Zachary Ranftle at the school.

I would like to make the community aware of the love and respect he holds in many hearts.

Veronica Everette, Valley Stream