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Letters: Nassau part-timers earning too much

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano on Jan. 10,

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano on Jan. 10, 2014. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos reportedly has started an inquiry of the salaries paid to part-time and seasonal workers ["Probe of part-timers," News, July 23].

How can he open an independent probe into what appears to be his own department's shortcomings? One of his roles is to administer the county payroll and employee health benefits. Where was he when the problems took place?

What is needed is a totally independent investigation by Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, because the implications of this fiasco are enormous and need to be exposed.

David Beldner, East Rockaway

Where do I get in line for one of these part-time jobs with Nassau County ["Amid Nassau wage freeze: County paid $26M to part-timers," News, July 22]?

If we're paying part-timers these rates, no wonder average folks are moving out of the area.

I've been slaving at work my whole life and never made $46,000 for a full-time job. I have a college degree and am a certified paralegal and notary. Something is very wrong with this system in Nassau County!

No wonder the county is broke!

Iris Davidson, Massapequa

Well done, Newsday! Your July 22 article on overpaid part-time workers in Nassau again highlights our pervasive problem of political patronage in Long Island government.

I hope you keep the spotlight on those who funnel our money into the pockets of their friends and relatives. Patronage is a prime reason for the high cost of government on Long Island. It's time we stamp it out.

Stu Chamberlain, West Sayville


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