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Letters: Nassau pay increases draw anger

Jon Kaiman is shown at a Nassau Interim

Jon Kaiman is shown at a Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) meeting in Uniondale on Oct. 9, 2013. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

To raise the wages of Nassau County's nonunion appointed workers is ridiculous ["NIFA ready to challenge pay hikes," News, Jan. 9].

What about the union workers suffering because of the wage freeze? Why are appointees different? They all work for the same county.

The number of county workers was downsized to save money, not to take that money and redistribute it. With Nassau County in a bad financial state, why would spending more, unnecessarily, be a good idea? If anyone deserves a raise, it is the union workers who pick up the slack after people have been let go.

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano seems to be only taking care of his own, when he should be looking out for the good of the entire county. The Nassau Interim Finance Authority has every right to step in and have the wage increases taken away. They shouldn't have been given in the first place.

Kristi O'Brien, Baldwin

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, a Republican, is giving new titles to appointees so he can give them raises, in spite of the wage freeze in place for all the peon workers ["Mangano: No hiring freeze to nix raises," News, Jan. 13].

This is no different from what Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone, a Democrat, attempted when he proposed a change to a recent law to benefit newly elected Suffolk Legis. Monica Martinez (D-Brentwood) to allow her to collect two salaries.

It is as clear an example as I have ever seen of how people elected to serve the people think they are above the people.

It is also a clear example that both political parties think exactly alike, no matter what they say.

The regular county workers can't have raises, but a political appointee or elected official who works in an office with all kinds of perks deserves a raise?

Anthony Johnson Sr., Brentwood