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Letters: Netanyahu's words increase danger

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's rhetoric shows how foolhardy he is ["Israel amps up Mideast tension," Editorial, Sept. 18]. The prime minister is only pushing Iran into a desire to develop a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu's bullying of our president is antagonistic and counterproductive. Would Netanyahu send his people to Iran? Would Mitt Romney send his five sons into Iran to help this friend? Why is the United States the only country the prime minister wants to lay down a "red line"?

The Islamic world is already in an uproar over the United States, and Iran feeling threatened doesn't help. We are in a war, and the prime minister has the gall to make public demands on President Barack Obama and inflame passions even more.

Dorothy Litton, Long Beach

The United States does not need any foreign government telling us how to conduct foreign policy. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is conducting a public feud with President Barack Obama during an election campaign. This is to get Obama to commit to a possible military strike against Iran.

The American people are tired of war and its human and fiscal cost. All effort must be made to avoid war.

If we start a war with Iran, then we must face the possibility of World War III.

Margaret McCollom, Oceanside