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Letters: New arrivals burden LI schools

Great picture showing the outrage on behalf of kids here illegally who have been denied their rights ["Students turned away," News, Oct. 15].

With an annual state-imposed tax cap of roughly 2 percent, and a cost of thousands per student, how are districts expected to cover the cost?

Ruling out the unlikely prospect of districts voting to bust the cap to accommodate the new students, the inevitable result will be elimination of teaching jobs. Class sizes will increase, teacher-student ratios will worsen, and the quality of education for Long Island children will nosedive.

Great plan.

David Darrow, Riverhead

Editor's note: The writer is a retired high school teacher.

This is quite a dilemma for taxpayers on Long Island.

Surely we can be humane and accommodate people who are fleeing their homelands for a better way of life. But what sense does it make to overload schools here, especially districts where a large percentage are failing academically? Non-English-speaking students will take away precious teaching time while teachers make sure they understand the lessons.

Several religious institutions have had to close their schools because of declining enrollment. Let's get the federal government to reopen them and fund them with money from Homeland Security, since that agency is responsible for the children getting into this country in the first place.

Let's fix our border problem and stop the madness!

Elizabeth Lerner, Lindenhurst