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Letters: New residents must learn English

People of faith and community members march down

People of faith and community members march down Straight Path in Wyandanch in an interfaith show of support for the passage of an immigration reform bill that would putl 11 million people on a path to citizenship. (Oct. 27, 2013) Photo Credit: Steve Pfost

A letter writer correctly wondered what is happening to the melting pot ["New census request seems divisive," Dec. 1].

That concept was extinguished decades ago and replaced by the "tossed salad." The ingredients of the salad are meant to retain their own separate attributes, cultural norms and values.

The obvious problem is that assimilating into the American value system, language and culture is no longer expected to be the goal of immigrants. We are creating a Tower of Babel in schools, courts, hospitals, etc. This is costing us enormously, and not just in money. Health, safety and communication all suffer.

Leslie King, Bellport

The feature story "Preparing new citizens" [LI Life, Nov. 30] says that people have two chances to take a naturalization test. They must be able to speak, read and write English.

If that's so, please explain why the voting sites need materials in any language other than English.

Nancy Ludlow, Oakdale


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