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Letters: New York State’s controversial signs

The controversial blue New York State tourism signs

The controversial blue New York State tourism signs on the Meadowbrook Parkway on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016, in Freeport. Credit: Howard Schnapp

People complain that the New York State Experience roadside signs are an eyesore, a driver distraction and an obvious ploy for businesses to pay to advertise on the website [“ ‘I Love NY’ signs halted,” News, Feb. 7].

Well, now you can add another attribute: dangerous. I rode south the Meadowbrook Parkway and saw one of these signs mangled on the ground. It’s reasonable to believe a vehicle was also damaged and its occupants endangered.

John R. Brooks, Babylon


I see nothing wrong with the state’s information signs along the highways. They are not hideous in any way and certainly are not a distraction to drivers. They make me think about the good things that New York State has to offer.

If people don’t want any more signs, fine. But I feel the ones that are in place should remain.

Better to worry about the highways themselves and the tidiness of the surrounding areas.

Mick Du Russel, Lake Ronkonkoma