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Good Afternoon

Letters: Newsday celebrates 75th year

The main Newsday building facing Pinelawn Road in

The main Newsday building facing Pinelawn Road in Melville. Credit: Newsday File / Andreas C. Constantinou / 2007

Congrats on your 75th, Newsday! I enjoyed reading your story ["A shared bond for 75 years," Editorial, Sept. 3].

I was born in 1951, when Newsday was still fairly young. Growing up in Massapequa, I read to my dad from Newsday when I was in second grade. He was so amazed, his reaction has remained unforgettable.

I remember the boys who delivered the paper after school, and who would knock on the door every Friday afternoon and yell, "Collect!" My mother would leave 30 cents on the table, along with an additional 5 cents "tip" (she was a big spender!) for the paperboy. When the boys in my class became old enough to deliver the paper, "collect" could be awkward. The classroom was one thing, but standing in my front doorway one to one was another, as two 12-year-olds sized each other up for future reference.

I remember the extra edition that came to the house the night of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. I kept it for years until it disintegrated. And, I still have my wedding announcement that my mother submitted to Newsday, when I married in 1972. When my husband and I spent a year in Thailand, my mom mailed us the weekly Sunday comics and magazine, because all we had was the Stars and Stripes newspaper to read. Lastly, I remember my dad's obituary. He had been a Rockville Centre police chief, and a column ran about his life. I still have that, too.

Thanks for jogging the memories, Newsday!

Joyce Oehler-Ey, Holbrook

Seventy-five years of outstanding news reporting. Congratulations to all the staff for a job well done. I have enjoyed the publication for many years, delivered to my home.

Joe Giacoponello, Garden City