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Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill must pass

Golden retrievers at Mountain View Kennels, a respected

Golden retrievers at Mountain View Kennels, a respected breeder in Williamsburg, Pa. Credit: AP/CAROLYN KASTER

Thank you, Edie Falco and Matt Bershadker, for your op-ed ["Shut down NY’s puppy mill pipeline," Opinion, April 3]. Also, thank you to Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria) and Assemb. Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) for introducing this bill. It is extremely important that it passes. It would be a start. Education is the key.

Many people are unaware of the horrendous, abhorrent conditions in which unregulated commercial dog breeders keep these dogs. Many "breeders" are from outside New York State and continue to produce because the regulations in those states are lax or nonexistent. They can do what they want.

If the public knew what goes on behind the scenes, I don’t believe this greedy "industry" could continue as it currently does. Adopt, don’t shop.

Donna Skjeveland, Holbrook

Why Dems want end to Electoral College

Three letters about the Electoral College on Sunday were no doubt written by Democrats ["Electoral College has become anachronism," April 4].

To me, the reasons why the Electoral College was instituted are irrelevant today. Most of New York State’s counties are moderate or conservative, but because of Democrats in the bigger cities and a few heavily populated counties, statewide elections usually have been won by Democrats in recent years. The rest of us have little or no say as to who our governor or U.S. senators will be.

Without the Electoral College, I believe our nation’s elections would be always decided by six or seven states with a high percentage of Democratic voters. It wouldn’t matter how the other states voted or even if they voted at all.

One person, one vote would disenfranchise millions of voters across the nation. Ah, now I understand why the Democrats want to get rid of the Electoral College.

Stephen Rothaug, Baiting Hollow

A reader recently endorsed the perceived benefits of our nation’s Electoral College, where voters of smaller-populated states have a larger impact per voter on presidential elections than larger states such as New York ["Electoral college should stay as it is," Letters, March 31]. If this idea is so great, I have an idea: Let’s replicate it on Long Island.

In Suffolk County, for example, in the western part, we have larger towns such as Babylon, Huntington and Islip, with larger populations, office parks and commuters to the city. In the east, we have smaller, more rural towns such as East Hampton and Riverhead with their economies largely dependent on agriculture and tourism.

For the next election, instead of a simple popular vote for the county executive, we can just allocate delegates to each town, based roughly on their population to determine the winner, and if the winner finished in second place in the popular vote, so be it.

If this idea sounds silly, that’s because it is.

Jeffrey Fass, Sayville

Don’t be hasty with vaccine passports

I am on the fence about whether vaccine passports should be mandated ["GOP shuns vaccine passports," News, April 4]. I can argue both sides, but for Republican legislators to introduce bills preventing government officials to use this information for "entry, travel, education, employment or services" is, to me, hypocritical.

Many jobs require proof of vaccines and every student I know must comply and show proof of vaccination to be allowed to attend school. Let’s all take a deep breath and figure out this new situation before government bills are set to law.

Vicki Appel, Massapequa Park

I find it odd that so many people think that requiring a valid ID to vote is a form of "voter suppression." Does anyone today not have some form of valid photo identification? I doubt it.

Case in point: My wife and I are fully vaccinated. I signed us up for New York State’s "Excelsior Pass," a type of vaccination passport. It has my name, date of birth and a QR code that contains my vaccination information. It also contains the statement ". . . have photo ID available when presenting your Pass for verification."

Oviously, New York doesn’t consider it racist or discriminatory to ask for my valid photo ID when it pertains to the COVID-19 vaccination. Why, then, would it be discriminatory to ask for valid photo ID to do something as important as casting a vote?

Ted Kiladitis, St. James

Mets fan really happy with Lindor’s contract

As a lifelong Mets fan, I am truly happy that Francisco Lindor has signed with the Mets ["Happy? Bank on it," Sports, April 2].

I am also happy that, as the article said, his family will be "comfortable" because he agreed to a $341 million contract. It would have been a shame if they had to eke by on only $300 million.

Jim Intravia, Medford