Why did Newsday's multi-page spread on the new property tax exemption for veterans cast veterans against nonveterans as adversaries ?

All levels of government offer programs and deductions to targeted constituencies, yet Newsday seldom juxtaposes these benefits in a way that starkly emphasizes the costs to the general taxpayer.

For instance, you could report how much it costs each household when Medicaid, food stamp benefits and other welfare programs increase in cost. The cost of educating students in special education is higher than for other students. Should you make an issue of that?

I don't propose dividing the families of children with special needs from the larger community. Perhaps Newsday should treat veterans with similar respect.

James J. Duffy, East Islip

Editor's note: The writer is the vice-commander of the Islip American Legion Post No. 411 and vice chairman of the Suffolk County Conservative Party.

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We are looking to give millions of dollars to undocumented students in the form of the Dream Act, and yet our veterans have to hope that their local school boards approve the tax break.

I think we have our priorities in reverse. What a slap in the face to the men and women who served our nation in time of war.

Sal DePetro, West Islip