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Letters: No agreement to eliminate penny

A copper U.S. penny, dated 1960

A copper U.S. penny, dated 1960 Credit: istock

Thanks to our Canadian cousins, and now to Daniel Akst's April 9 column ["Let's take Canada's lead, eh?" Opinion], the penny issue is out.

I really do like President Abraham Lincoln, but the U.S. penny should be quietly dropped from minting. Prices should remain calculated to the penny for non-cash transactions; credit card and paid-by-check bills should be totaled out to the penny. Cash bills should also be totaled to the cent, with the parties using pennies to settle up, if they have them.

As far as rounding totals to a nickel, let the market take care of this with no political interference.

Ed Neale, Sayville

In response to Daniel Akst's column, I'm aware that pennies are made from zinc and copper, which are costly. However, what's a retailer do with a blouse that costs $37.61? He simply rounds it up to $37.65. He's not going to round it down to $37.60. That would defy the profit motive.

Instead of drastic measures like eliminating the penny, the mint could start producing the penny in a less precious metal. End of problem.

Robert Bruce, Douglaston