In response to comments on immigration by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), my grandparents also arrived here as immigrants ["Aid sought for illegal immigrants," News, Aug. 18].

They had to scrimp to save passage on a legal ship and arrive documented. They worked hard to support families, pay taxes and put their children through school, as did many others. Get on line, enter this country legally, and keep the burden of aid off taxpayers.

Connie Kamen, Sound Beach

New York struggles to balance its budget, hardworking union members take cuts in pay and benefits, the state government cuts services to its residents and the federal government is in worse shape. Yet State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver wants to make illegal immigrants eligible to receive government financial aid to attend college. What's wrong with this picture?

Roger W. Davis, Center Moriches

While I appreciate Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's efforts to promote public education, I believe that our forefathers envisioned immigrants assimilating. As groups of immigrants came over, they were the hardest workers, and cherished the opportunities this country gave them.

Now it seems that immigrants come here for us to take care of them, to feed and house them, and to provide for their medical needs. Much of the money earned here does not get reinvested in America, but gets sent back to the home country.

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My children are paying their own way through college, as did their parents.

Susan B. Lyons, Freeport

I agree, we do need more engineers and scientists. But why not help children who are already U.S. citizens? As Silver stated, his parents came to this country and were given the opportunity to make a life for themselves. Well, hello, so were many other families, but they came here legally.

There was no welfare office or aid for college when my grandparents came to this country. Maybe he should try to help the people who pay his salary and who are able to vote for him. I have 11 grandchildren, some in college, some too young yet. I hope Silver is thinking of sponsoring a bill to help them, too.

Marie Pomilla, Hauppauge