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Letters: No surgeon general to lead the Ebola fight

We have truly become a nation that cannot think beyond personal gain. This becomes evident in the fight to prevent Dr. Vivek H. Murthy from becoming the U.S. surgeon general.

Why can't the Senate vote to confirm him? Because the National Rifle Association is against him. He views gun violence as a health threat and wants restrictions like background checks for purchases. Politicians run for cover when they have to confront this group.

What does it mean for me and you? It means Americans lack a leader to fight Ebola. All because the NRA decided Murthy's fate.

Linda Kotin, Long Beach

Poor decision in football suspension

As a former foreign-language teacher and supervisor in South Huntington schools, I was shocked, dismayed and in disbelief upon reading " 'Bullying pranks' on football team" [News, Oct. 17].

Wyandanch Memorial High School punished students with class and school suspension, but not from playing football! Shame on those responsible for this so-called educational justice.

Philip L. Hadland, Montauk

Libertarian principles are worthwhile

In response to "Libertarians are the selfish party" [Letters, Oct. 21], the seven states that don't have an income tax are doing quite well. Florida, South Dakota and Texas are three of those states.

Granted, they are not massive welfare states like New York, but people there are living well. We are way overtaxed in New York!

The money saved by eliminating the state income tax would go right back into the economy. With Christmas coming, people will spend that money. What is it with people who want to give my money to a government that just throws it to the wind?

As for health care, who really gets screwed? Not the poor; they get it for almost nothing. The rich? They can afford it. It's the middle class. We are the ones who will pay for Obamacare.

John Gelormino, Hicksville

Kings Park arrows are far from school

I'm responding to "Bowhunters near homes, trail, school" [News, Oct. 10] about concern over bowhunting in a wooded section of Kings Park. Some residents have complained, claiming concern for children's safety. That's where I have a problem. It seems that every time people complain about anything, they use their children to bring more attention to their cause. They hide behind their children! Even the new speed cameras in front of schools are to raise money.

I work on Meadow Road in Kings Park, on the edge of the wooded hunting area. Residents complain that Kings Park high school is right next to the area, suggesting that a kid on school property might get hit by an errant arrow.

The school is 140 feet away, at its closest. An arrow would have to fly over railroad tracks and busy Meadow Road, which separate the bowhunting area from the school. Hunters would be perched in trees deep in the woods, shooting directly at deer, not people.

Jayson Charpied, West Babylon